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Annual 9/11 Motorcycle Ride Brings Record-Breaking Turnout


911 Memorial Motorcycle Ride;
Never Forget

By Tank Baird | September 22, 2011

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Local Bikers Chart New Course

By Kristen Nuss | Williamsport Sun-Gazette

2013 Interview of 9/11 Memorial Coalition members at Backyard Broadcasting's Williamsport PA radio stations, hosted by DJ John Finn. Members are discussing the upcoming 9/11 Memorial Motorcycle Ride that takes place every year in Lycoming County PA.​

Video by hitail17752

"United We Stand" with Father John Manno

Video by Alivia Tagliaferri

"We Ride" with Tom "Tank" Baird 

Video by Alivia Tagliaferri

Dan Farr remembers 9/11

Video by Alivia Tagliaferri

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